Open Ended Questions Summary. The numbers after each statement represent the number of times that this response was mentioned.

Q. 6     Which types of application ………. should be approved?

Library                                    3
Restaurant/café                                2
Semi-detached housing                            2
Apartments                                2
Terraced housing                            1
Stepped apartments on hillside                        1
More variety of shops                            1
Homes for rent                                1
Shared ownership for people over 50                    1
Use existing developments                        1
Hollins Lane for allotments and current allotments for
low cost housing                            1
Youth centre                                1
No large developments                            1
Any within sensible guidelines                        1
Each application should be judged on its own merits            1
Is there a demand for business units?                    1

Q. 7    Which group of Arnsiders ……have housing needs?

Don’t know/Not aware of any                        3
Sheltered housing but with extra care                    1
Disabled people particularly young and families                1
Shared ownership for people over 50                    1
No social housing for single people working full time            1
People living/working away who cannot afford to come home        1
Provide housing for anyone except 2nd home owners            1

Q. 8    ………which open spaces should be preserved?

Briery Bank field                            9
The Common/behind Redhills                        9
Saltcotes’s field                            3
Station field                                3
Field next to low cost housing on Briery Bank                3
Mustn’t lose the (present) open spaces/all open spaces            3
Allotments                                2
Arnside Moss                                1
Roads off Silverdale Rd                            1
Hollins Lane                                1
Station Yard                                1
Don’t know                                1

Q. 9    Which …………children’s facilities should be provided/extended?

Youth club/centre                            4
Survey families with children                        2
Sports scheme                                1
Improve recreation facilities on playing field                1
Youth activities                            1
Already sufficient pre-school places                    1
Plenty of facilities already                        1
Has this question been discussed with the school            1
Don’t know                                1

Q.10    Suggested site for library

Spar shop                                40
Memorial field                                22
Tennis courts                                    23
Old telephone exchange                                  19
Top of Briery Bank                                  20
E.I.                                         9
E.I. car park                                10
W.I. Grounds                                 7
Westworth’s                                 5
Promenade                                       3
Lower Promenade                                 4
Ashmeadow grounds                             4
Station Field                                 3
Station Yard                                 2
AONB Office                                 2
Cemetery Chapel                                 2
Convert house in centre of village                     1
The Common                                 1
In a church room                             1
Disabled access                                 4

Q.11    Chamber of Trade  ……..How should it function?

Group to maintain local shops/trades people                3
Traders/Shopkeepers                            3
Traders and residents/tourists                        3
‘Chamber of trade’                            1
Group with fair-trade                            1
List of economic skills of residents                    1
For greener initiatives                            1
Local promotions buy local                         1
Arnside Village Association (society?) should be the
basis to include all traders                        1
Need is for a few affordable, purpose built tenancies            1
Discuss development of future business premises             1
A mini chamber of trade or community association
including businesses, residents and second home owners            1
Trade and commerce – anything that encourages talking            1
Ensure views of village met – combine skills, expertise
and ideas                                1
Informal quarterly meetings & reps on APC & APPT            1
Long term residents and traders – village overwhelmed by
newcomers on the council                        1
Independent of APC                            1
Affiliate to existing Cumbrian groups                    1
A decision for traders themselves                    1
On a community basis – needs to act as a mouthpiece for
local investment – contact with local govt. etc                1
How many traders has Arnside got?                    1
There was one before – not productive/didn’t work            2

Q.13     Which areas of the village do you believe need to be improved?

Mend potholes                                6
Road surfaces                                12
Dog waste bins                                7
Street lighting                                6
Cut back hedges                                3
Overhanging branches on Silverdale Rd                         5
Extra cardboard recycling container                    2
Plastic recycling at door or recycling centre               3
Paint/refurbish prom clock                        3
Station parking                                3
Disabled access to station                        2
Path round to shipyard                            3
BT building                                2
Clean roads/road verge sweeping                        2
Improve foreshore car park                        2
Restore/extend yellow lines                        2
Disabled access to library                        1
Bus shelter provision                            1
Coastguard building                            1
Footpath needed from fire station to Scholes Drive
Footpath on top Silverdale Road                        1
Footpath Black dyke to Swinnate
Maintenance of walls alongside roads and footways            1
Signs at Milnthorpe from M6 direction showing Arnside            1
Signs for walkers (tour of Arnside)                    1
Signage on approach to village combined with gardens
(sponsored by companies)                        1
Beach Walk café in danger of collapsing                    1
20 mph where no footpaths                        1
Cemetery looks run down                            1
Ban notices on tree trunks                        1
Part time linesman (lengthsman?)                    1
Steps on lower promenade                        1
Pier railings need mending                        1
Fill in sides of pier                            1
Salt Orchard Road when icy                        1
Promenade gardens                            1
Gardens outside Beach Walk café                        1
Village benches need maintaining                    1
Public toilets on playing fields                    1
Fee car parking                                1
Prevent jet skis & windsurfers on estuary                1
Stop litter near Fish & Chip shop                    1
Between Swinnate & Briery Bank                        1
Clear up deer faeces                            1
Prohibit cyclists on embankment                        1
Public toilets near alarm dangerous                    1
Extra double lines on Station Road                    1
20 mph on Chippy Bend                            1
No more bright street lights                        1
Cut verges later, for wild flowers                    1

Q.14    Approve of youth shelter?

What is wrong with the shelter on the promenade?            1

Q.15    Approve of youth shelter on playing field?

Too off the beaten track                        1

Q.16    Other improvements to bus services

Late night from Lancaster                        3
More frequent services/more buses                    2
Able to use “Now’ card on 8.05 am service                1

Q.17    Which ………result in using train more frequently

Improved parking facilities                        5
Improved bus to train connection                    3
None hardly at weekends                            1
Guaranteed cycle space on all trains                    1
Last train in the evening too early                    1

Q.18    ……..Alternative to current station parking arrangements

Station Field                                44
Part Station Field                                67
Station Yard                                                  51
Access to Station Yard                                55
Parking at rear/station building                         10
Improve foreshore car park                          3
Encourage foreshore parking                         3
Connect foreshore to Barrow platform                     9
Better access/for disabled                         3
Access to both platforms without bridge                        2
Access to rear of station                         6
Car park/car park nearby                         2
Parking attendants                             2
One way traffic flow                                2
Compulsory purchase for car park                             2
Permanent traffic lights on Station Road                   2
Better Access/for disabled                             3
Drop-off point                                     1
Shuttle bus                                     2
Less parking on Station Road                         1
Ashmeadow grounds                             1
Carr Bank Lane                                        1
Free Park and Ride                                 1
Should walk to station                                 1
Network Rail supply staff to carry luggage                     1

Q.19    ……..problem with parking ……..location for a car park

Station field                                    45
Part Station field                                48
Upgrade/extend foreshore car park                        35
Visitors to use foreshore                          1
Better signage for the ‘beach’ car park                             37
Station Yard                                         23
Pay and display                                     8
Charge visitors for parking                             9
Car park behind station                                 3
No coach parking on prom                             2
Enforce regulations                                 2
Small car park in field                                   1
Field on Milnthorpe Road                             2
Widen prom                                     1
Below the prom                                       2
No camper vans or caravans on prom                         1
Ashmeadow grounds                                    1
Silverdale Road (part of Ashmeadow grounds)                     1
Redhills Road                                     1
The Common                                       1
Gravel end of W.I.                                 1
The school in summer                             1
Designated parking area for locals                         1
Encourage residents to use garages/driveways                         1
Lancaster!!                                     1
Parking problems apply to residents as well                     1
More car parking will only add to congestion                     1
Insoluble                                     1
Parking problem with cross bay walkers & high tides                 1

Q.21       …………More parking restrictions

Avery’s/top of Orchard Rd and Silverdale Rd                 9
Silverdale Road                                       6
Double yellow lines on Silverdale Road                     2
Between Avery’s and prom                         1
No parking opposite allotments                         1
By Park                                 16
Enforce existing restrictions                             13
No parking on Station Road                                12
20 mph speed limit/if monitored                             6
Speed bumps on Church Hill                             1
Speed bumps on Redhills                                  1
Speed bumps on prom                             1
Speed bumps not 20 mph                             1
Speed bumps Cemetery                             1
Traffic calming Silverdale Road                         6
Flashing reminder signs                             5
On prom – brow of hill/ by The Gallery                     2
Restricted parking on prom                         1
Single parking on prom                             1
Parking meters on prom                             4
Pedestrian crossings on front                         3
Briery Bank residents use their car park                   1
Outside affordable housing Briery Bank                     1
Top of Briery Bank                             3
Black Dyke Road                                 1
Double yellow on Black Dyke Road                     3
Remove on street parking/where off road available             3
No parking on pavements                             2
More/restore yellow lines                         2
Paint white line top of Pier Lane at road junction             1
Church Hill at Pier Lane a death trap                     2
Pull in spaces on Station Rd wrong at garage end             1
Orchard Road                                 1
Another disabled space on prom outside chemist                 1
Pay and display                                 1
No 20 mph/not necessary                             7
20 mph not enforceable                             1
20 mph would cause accidents                         1
Enforce the 30 mph and the 40 mph to Sandside                 1
Prosecute drivers who park on pavements                     1
No campervans overnight                             1
Keep village as it is                             1
Impossible to achieve 20 mph with current parking!             1
No real problems                             3

Q.21    ………… One-way or access only
One way system                                 5
One way anticlockwise                             3
One way clockwise                             5
One way Silverdale Rd to station                     2
One way railway bridge to fountain                    16
Hollins Lane                                 3
Hollins Lane one way                             3
Hollins Lane access only                         7
Access only a good idea                             1
No/Not required/flow okay                         6
Not required if car park on Station field                 1
One way scheme ludicrous                         1
One way scheme would cause accidents                     1
One way would encourage speeding                     1
Who will enforce                             1
No speed bumps                                 1
No 20 mph                                 1
Speed max 30                                 1
On street parking Church Hill impossible for emergency vehicles         1

Further Ideas and Comments  

Parking and Traffic

Charge for parking/pay and display                        7
Stop overnight/parking of motor homes on prom                    3
No Parking meters                                1
Traffic wardens visit more often                        2
Stop abuse by disabled drivers who park on double yellow lines            1
Dedicated station car park a priority/car park for station/behind station         3
Sort out parking on Station Road/lay-by/off –road parking  Station Rd        4
Black Dyke for parking                                2
Organise/refurbish foreshore car park                        2
Pay for foreshore car park                            1
Day long parking should not limit access to village                1
Designated parking for coaches                            1
Crack down on people who park on pavements                    1
Double yellow lines blind corners Church Hill and Orchard Road            1
1 hour parking discs for residents                        1
Present parking for visitors adequate                        1

Pedestrian crossing prom/Station road                        5
More pedestrian crossings                            1
Speeding a concern                                1
Flashing speed signs                                1
Flashing speed signs Black Dyke Road                        1
Speeding on Black Dyke Road                            1
Speed bumps Albion to P.O.                            1
Speed limit/bumps Church Hill                            1
Speed limit/bumps Silverdale Road                        5
Speed bumps uncomfortable                            1
Traffic Control                                    1
One way system                                    1
One way system inconvenient                            1
Analyse traffic accidents last 10 years because of excessive speed        1
Concealed entrance signs                            1
Mirror on Briery Bank – Stoneycroft Drive                    1
Possible road widening on prom                            1
Mini roundabout/stop sign Black Dyke/Briery Bank                2
Proper road markings on housing estates                        1
More visitors should come by public transport                    1
Phone if you need help with parking/traffic (previous experience)        1
No need for 20 mph/enforce 30 mph                        8
No 20 mph  – unworkable                                1
Speed restrictions only as good as enforcement                    1


More facilities for young people/children                    2
Youth club needed/Activity centre for youth                    4
E.I. ideal for after school club                        1
Make spar shop into a gym                            1
Pursue new playground                                3
More inspection of play equipment and remove if necessary            1
Multi-wheel park or MUGA on field                        1
Multi-purpose sports area for young people                    1
Parish Council support for skatepark                        1
Skateboard park detrimental to area and nearby properties area            2
Council should not support/insure skateboard park                1
Is there still a need for skateboard park?                    1
Skateboard park benefits a minority                        1
Subsidize activities and courses for youth                    1
Parents should encourage children to engage in local activities            1
Meeting point for youth with CCTV &cyber café                     1
Youth shelter instead of multi wheel park                    1
Youth shelter would encourage drugs                        1
Youth shelter should be supervised                        1
Worried youth shelter would lead to anti-social behaviour            2
Library on memorial playing field                        1
Disabled access to library farcical                        1
Access to library for pushchairs                        1
Extend library opening times                            1
Library at Westworth’s                                1
Use old Spar shop for library and cybercafé                    1
More buses, more regularly                            1
Extra bus stop Black Dyke Road                            1
Old system of tokens for buses, trains, car parking better than current        1
Ring and ride scheme as operated in Lancashire                    1
Right of way through Station Yard                        1
Access to southbound platform of station                    1
Access to trains for pushchairs                            1
Luggage lockers at station                            1
Complain to Transpennine re useless shelter and information boards        1
Information boards on station still not working                    1
Make station fit for those not so active e.g. bag carriers            1
Remove old boatyard and create amenity (e.g. picnic area/local history)     4
More allotments/split allotments/pass unattended allotments quickly        4
Annual village fete/carnival                            2
Footbridge over viaduct                                2
Swimming Pool                                    1
Cycle route along estuary footpath                        1
Annual event where village organizations can promote themselves            1
Play area for old people                            1
Public toilets on playing field                            1
Keep Arnside surgery – no poly clinics                        1


More litter bins                                4
More skips at recycling                                2
Better re-cycling facilities needed                        1
Bring back re-cycling for glass and paper                    1
Empty re-cycling bins more regularly                        2
Household collection for plastic and cardboard                    1
Dog fouling – heavier fines, CCTV, campaigns, stronger notices.
enforcement, more bins                                8
Dog mess in Ashmeadow grounds                            1
Dog fouling on foreshore not good for children playing                1
Vandalism – photograph and publish in Messenger                    1
More policing to stop vandalism                            1
More police/community officers on patrol                    1
Lock public toilets at night                            1
Street lighting on Redhills Road                        1
More modern street lights                            1
Repair and move solar light on Black Dyke                    1
Supplier of ‘eco-light’ on Black Dyke should be sued remove and put
in conventional light                                1
Cut back hedge on lower Church Hill    /Silverdale Road            2
Enforce cutting back of vegetation- branches sticking out at edge of
road  – dangerous                                1
Footpath by railings on prom                            2
Pedestrian walkway (cantilevered) from Pier to fountain)            1
Improve quality of pavements                            1
Footpath Silverdale Road                            2
Improve pavements–create safe walking/cycling Fire Station to cemetery        1
More pavements – Church Hill, Black Dyke Rd, Silverdale Road            1
Improve pavement on Station Road                        2
Footpaths made of stone not tarmac                        1
Make footpath 502026 safer                            1
Road drains blocked                                2
Cemetery deserves some TLC                            1
Paint BT building                                1
Paint railings (pier?) decorative colours                    1
Notice on end of pier – seats for sitting down not fishing tackle        1
Railings on path (from coastguard to Redhills) need maintenance            1
Preserve village and leave things as they are                    1
Paint dropped kerbs white to inform owners of parked cars so that
disabled can use them                                1
What causes the scum on the foreshore at high tides – should it be
monitored?                                    1

Housing and Open spaces

Land opposite station best location for development                 2
Preserve open spaces                                1
Too many second homes                                1
No further building on Hollins Lane – safety issue                2
Do not want any development to change Arnside overall character            1
No more housing until parking problem solved                    1
New houses built should not be able to be sold as second homes            1
Increase in no. of homes needs to be looked at in relation infrastructure    1
Affordable housing                                1
Affordable housing for couples working in area not single parents or
unemployed                                    1
Affordable housing for single people who work in Arnside            1
Shared equity housing for local people e.g. 2 castles properties        1
Need independent housing for elderly – something between sheltered
and nursing home                                1


Action to get/make more use of empty shops occupied                4
Grocery shop on prom                                2
More variety of shops                                2
Develop local businesses                            1
Encourage more small businesses                            1
Craft workshops on boatyard or BT building                    1
Maintain shops in village – not everyone has a car                1
Charity shop on prom                                1
Restaurant/bistro in village                            1
Village website to offer services or opportunities to lend equipment        1


Emphasis on usual problems – parking, affordable housing (questions)        1
Some questions biased                                1
When the plan is reviewed ensure that short term gains do not undermine
the long term sustainability and preservation of Arnside             1
Village must develop and grow to retain youngsters                1
Need to look to the future whilst retaining Arnside as a good place        1
Plan doesn’t focus on activities e.g. ramblers                    1
More joined up thinking with surrounding parishes                1
Questionnaire lacks ambition and doesn’t deal with the big issues –
lower carbon emissions, no plastic bags, no more parking for visitors        1
A.E.I. money could solve most financial problems in village            1
Not much changed since last survey                        1
Well designed questionnaire                            2
No need to encourage visitors                            1
Council Tax too high as it is                            1
Thank you to the Parish councillors and volunteers in the village        1

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