Community Led Plan


  • A DOCUMENT setting out what local people value in their community, what they would like to change or safeguard.  A vision for the community’s future.
  • An ACTION PLAN to deliver projects which achieve the aspirations of local people.
  • A PROCESS which a community goes through together.

A plan by any other name…

  • Also known as Village Plans, Community Plans and Parish Plans.
  • NOT a Neighbourhood Plan!
  • NOT a Village Design Statement either.

Community Led Planning in South Lakeland

  • 37 of the 71 parishes have produced plans or are currently producing one.
  • 7 of these parishes are updating existing plans or have updated them recently.
  • A Community Led Plan could help set the agenda for the Local Area Partnership.

What can they do for the community?

  • Foster COMMUNITY ACTIVITY, often building community spirit and bringing about action.
  • Attract FUNDING, providing ‘evidence of local needs’ for grant applications.
  • Affect POLICY, informing local councils about what issues matter most to communities.
  • Provide a FOUNDATION for a Neighbourhood Plan.

What can they do for the local authority?

  • Provide an OVERVIEW of what communities want.
  • EMPOWER communities and encourage them to take action for themselves.
  • IMPROVE RELATIONSHIPS – working together on projects identified by the community that fit with the local authority’s own priorities.

How does it work?

  1. It starts with everyone getting on board.
  2. Evidence is gathered.
  3. The plan is laid out.
  4. The community is consulted.
  5. The feedback is analysed.
  6. A vision is created and the plan drafted.
  7. Actions are developed, prioritised and published.
  8. Make it happen!


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