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Latest news  – March 2019

 Local Plan for the AONB Area –  March 2019

Arnside & Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Development Plan Document (DPD) – Publication

The Arnside & Silverdale AONB DPD was approved unanimously at the full SLDC meeting on 28th March 2019. Lancaster City Council members had also approved the plan at their full council meeting earlier in March 2019. The DPD had to be approved by both councils before it could be presented as a formal local plan. The two district councils will now advertise the decision made by their members. There will be a 6 week period during which anyone can mount a legal challenge to the DPD. If that 6 week period passes without a legal challenge, then the AONB DPD becomes the definitive document for both councils regarding development management policies for the Arnside & Silverdale AONB area.

For general planning policy matters please contact SLDC’s development plans team at: development.plans@southlakeland.gov.uk or on 01539 793380.

For more information please contact SLDC’s communications team on 01539 793300

Local Plan Decision – December 2013

On 17 December 2013, South Lakeland District Council resolved to adopt the South Lakeland Local Plan – Land Allocations as Council policy and as part of the statutory Development Plan for South Lakeland outside the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks.

On the 14th November 2013, South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) released the much awaited final report from the government-appointed planning inspector, Simon Berkeley, into the soundness of the Local Plan – Land Allocations for South Lakeland .

The Local Plan – Land Allocations has been found to be sound subject to modifications proposed by the council during the Examination Hearings, which have been approved by the Inspector in his report. The full report can be viewed by clicking on “Inspector’s Report on the SLDC Local Plan – Nov 2013” on the right hand side of this page.

This is great news for Arnside.  Work can now start on producing a Local Plan for the AONB Area.  The inspector’s report confirms the intention to have this plan available by January 2016. A tremendous amount of work will have to be done by APPT to help meet this timescale. January 2016 seems a long way away, but with the amount of work that needs to be done by a small group of volunteers, the next two years will fly by. We hope that we will be supported in the task by Arnside Parish Council and residents of Arnside. Hopefully the plan, when available in January 2016, will make all the effort worthwhile.

Arnside Parish Plan Trust can take a great deal of credit for helping to achieve this outcome from the inspector’s inquiry. Our thanks to APPT trustees who worked on this and to Chris Milne, whose input and help was invaluable.

Extracts from the  inspector’s report 14/11/2013

Below are extracts from the report which are relevant the Arnside & Silverdale AONB:

The Arnside and Silverdale AONB

(Arnside, Storth and Sandside)

213. The NNPF says that AONBs have the highest status of protection in relation to landscape and scenic beauty. As such, in the AONB, the weight to be given to environmental considerations when balancing them against social and economic issues should be greater than elsewhere.

214. However, in allocating sites for housing, the Plan as originally submitted is based on the uniform application of the aforementioned exclusion criteria. As such, sites below 0.3 hectares have not been considered. But in the context of its status of protection, consideration of smaller sites in the AONB amounts to a reasonable alternative. Indeed, it seems to me that smaller sites would be more likely to ensure that the landscape and scenic beauty of the AONB is protected in the way envisaged by the NPPF.

215. Moreover, some of the sites proposed for allocation add to my misgivings. At the hearing session, the Council confirmed that the land proposed to be allocated for housing at Station Road (RN337#), Hollins Lane (RN225-mod) and Redhills Road (R81) is considered to currently perform a greenspace function. I am told that the Council judges these sites to have amenity value, in that they contribute positively to the character and appearance of the settlement and thus of the AONB, to some degree. From my site visits, I concur with that analysis.

216. Overall, in the context of the policy protection applying to the AONB, the combination of discounting smaller sites from the site selection process and the visual contribution made by some of the sites chosen for allocation, I consider the proposed housing sites in the AONB to be unsound.

217. To address this, the Council has given consideration to a number of alternative options, set out in a letter [Ex057]. In effect, the proposed way forward is to modify the Plan so that rather than allocating land in the AONB it introduces a commitment to produce a new AONB Local Plan jointly with Lancaster City Council. This is set out in a number of modifications put forward by the Council (MM67 to MM71). Many other alterations to the Plan are needed in the light of these, including the deletion of settlement boundaries and land allocations. But they are consequential changes resulting from introducing the new approach, and I have therefore not included them in the Appendix.

218. From all of this, I accept the proposed solution to be the most appropriate. Crucially, it has been agreed with Lancaster City Council. Both planning authorities have committed to producing the AONB Local Plan in their Local Development Schemes [Ex060 and Ex107] and in a Statement of Common Ground [Ex090]. Also importantly, this option has the clear backing of local groups, notably the AONB Management Unit and Parish Councils. That such groups are to be actively involved in the preparation of the plan is another good reason to support it.

219. I recognise that the effect of producing a separate plan for the AONB will be to delay housing delivery in that area. But, in my view, delaying the progress of the district-wide land allocations DPD would be an inevitable outcome of the reasonable alternatives. I consider this to be a greater disadvantage.

220. The Council envisages the new AONB Local Plan being adopted in January 2016. This is not soon. However, given the degree of partnership working and cooperation involved, and the Council’s other plan-making commitments, an earlier adoption date would likely be unrealistic. In this context, I consider that the Plan, as proposed by the Council to be modified, should be regarded as sound in this respect.

The following is an extract from the appendix to the report and describes what topics the plan will cover.

The AONB Local Plan will be shaped by the strategic framework and will address the following issues

  • Review of settlement boundaries
  • Delivery of sites to accommodate around 123 dwellings on the South Lakeland side by 2025
  • The identification of sites for new employment;
  • Cross linkages with AONB Management Plan;
  • Landscape and Building design;
  • Important features and characteristics to be retained/enhanced;
  • Areas in need of improvement;
  • Biodiversity enhancement/nature improvement areas;
  • New visitor facilities;
  • Car parking and traffic management;
  • Strategic pedestrian and cycle networks

Please email enquiries@arnsideparishplantrust.org  if you have a view on these issues.


How can you help? 

The main thing you can do is to support what APPT is doing.

Please keep up to date with developments and speak up firmly and clearly when the consultations take place for the new AONB Local Plan. It is your opportunity to shape the community in which you would like to live, so please use it.

We are very pleased with what APPT has achieved so far, and with your help, there is still more to be done!

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